Installation is NOT complete

A major database table was not found.
This generally indicates that you have not yet run the setup procedure.

IF you want to read instructions, click here:
    New Install Instructions
    Upgrade Instructions

IF you want to verify your installation parameters, look towards the
bottom of the screen.

IF you want to install, click here: Start PhpWebsite Setup

Otherwise, exit and think it over.....


Database Configuration Parameters:

   dbhost =  localhost  
   dbuname = db_username 
   dbpass =  ***** 
   dbname =  phpwebsite  
   table_prefix =  

File and Directory Access Permissions:
./images/ must be php writable
./mod/mainpage/images/ must be php writable
./mod/userpage/images/ must be php writable
./mod/userpage/uploads/ must be php writable

Your database password has not been changed from the
default provided with the software. This means you have not
changed the configuration file to provide your connection
information, This MUST be done before you continue.

Permission errors were found.

Please try one of these options from the shell
   chmod -R 777 images/
   chmod -R 777 mod/mainpage/images/
   chmod -R 777 mod/userpage/images/
   chmod -R 777 mod/userpage/uploads/
   or, if you have root privileges:
   chown -R nobody.nobody images/
   chown -R nobody.nobody mod/mainpage/images/
   chown -R nobody.nobody mod/userpage/images/
   chown -R nobody.nobody mod/userpage/uploads/
If you don't have shell privileges, use your ftp client.

A note on language.
Like all of the documentation and support for phpWebsite
This diagnostic page comes only in English. The reason for
this is that there is so much language and formatting
that needs to be done that using TRANSLATE statements would
make it to difficult to update and clarify the instructions
on the page.

So long as all the other instructions and support is English
only, we feel it is safe to assume that someone involved with the
installation can read the language.